Some highlights from SMC`s 2019-2020 transfer figures: “Santa Monica College proves, That we maintain our record as number one in transfers — not only in the prestigious UC system, but also in major private universities like USC and LMU — which demonstrates our tireless commitment to preparing our students for the best opportunities in higher education,” said Dr. Kathryn E. Jeffery, SMC/Superintendant. Last fall, 168 CMS students joined USC, representing nearly 12% of USC`s 1,450 transfers. That was almost three times as many students — 60 — sent by the second highest access school. “Access to top-notch training at USC is a top priority,” said USC`s Michael Quick. “We believe these transfer students are an important part of our community. The Santa Monica College (SMC) held a record streak of 30 consecutive years as the No. 1 college transfer to the University of California (UC) system, after 2019-2020 transfer data recently released by the UC Information Center. We have articulation agreements with private/independent colleges in California and printed consulting manuals in the advice service for people marked with an asterisk.

SMC also transferred more students to the University of Southern California (USC) and Loyola Marymount University (LMU) in 2015-16 than any other university in California, officials said. The university also transferred 19 students to Columbia University, the New York City Ivy League School, more than any other university in western Mississippi and the second largest number in the country, MSC officials said.

im to visit SMC right now I discovered with UC if you have completed the TAP program on the scholar program, you have a very great chance of getting into UCLA for USC, the entry rate is much more difficult I think business transfer are like 25%? more, due to the lower requirements for transfer students in general within a year or so much luck


Well. I`ve been thinking about moving from SMC to UCLA, but I`ve looked at USC`s opportunities for miners and they have a lot more opportunities

Janet Robinson, faculty leader of the CMS Transfer Center, attributes the success of the MSC transfer to the “extensive network of campus resources, consultants and instructors who are individually and collectively dedicated to the success of SMC students.” SMC is the best transfer California Community College to USC! Learn more about the requirements of the adimission.

So, I have a few questions. Have many of you successfully switched from SMC to USC? Or do you know many of them? 2) USC does not accept the IGETC, does it? How did you opt for transferable courses? Did most of them just overlap at the end? 3) Continue with 2, USC seems to require fewer transferred classes. Did you apply for USC earlier than other colleges? Or did you wait to finalize the IGETC first to request uc`s and USC at the same time? 4) If you switch to a major with music, USC/UCLA accepts music classes for transfer? (such as theory, harmony, etc.)

This drop was 69 of the 374 transfers to Loyola Marymount University, or 18.5 percent, officials said.